We, at The Crunch Bite are committed to making your snack time a nutritious, delectable time of day.  Make your snack time the daily ten or more precious minutes, to be shared with your loved ones. Savour the delights of our unique cookies and snacks.

Our gourmet cookiesare great munch choices for snack breaks at work, home, school, when you are on the run or whenever you need a break from a hectic day. Try a few  from THE CRUNCH BITE selections.  They are unforgettable treats with your favorite coffee, milk or tea.

At THE CRUNCH BITE, we offer a good mix of classic cookies and snacks that are prepared and/or baked with fresh quality ingredients as your health is our first priority. At THE CRUNCH BITE you need search no more for healthy and tasty snacks to indulge in.  

The main ingredients used in our cookies are wholegrain flour, dried fruits, nuts, seeds with natural butter and sugar to produce truly wholesome and unique treats. All our cookies are home-baked in small batches to ensure every morsel is filled with goodness right to the last bite!

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